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We Have 50 Years of Experience in Hardware Products.

UA hardware in the early days of the establishment of hardware accessories as the main products. After years of continuous development and efforts, the company has further strengthened production management and technical research and development, and has become a global well-known brand.

  • Structural precision

  • Aesthetic design

  • High quality material

  • Anti-corrosion

  • Durable and durable

  • Warranty for 10 years

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About UA

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System door and window hardware

UA Hardware, a century-old European hardware brand, is committed to providing customers with perfect high-end door and window system solutions. UA is committed to high-standard door and window hardware application specifications to provide customers with safe, stable and elegant hardware products.

Why Choose Us

Provide complete windows and doors solutions

Meet the personalized, diverse and international product needs of global customers The achievement of a continuous miracle of UA hardware

  • Quality UA Danish Hardware

    Quality UA Danish Hardware

    Strictly carved every detail, carefully customized every piece of hardware

  • Innovative UA Danish Hardware

    Innovative UA Danish Hardware

    Innovation is the driving force of UA Danish hardware. With an almost harsh spirit, it offers high-quality product experience to the world.

  • First Heart UA Danish Hardware

    First Heart UA Danish Hardware

    Ingenuity -100 years of craftsmanship, starting with ingenuity, perseverance-using years to precipitate a good product, mirror heart-to be a faith-based enterprise

Why Choose Us
  • 240


    Salt spray test

  • 400


    UV test

  • 100,000


    Closed test

  • 10


    Quality assurance

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With the five great wisdom of the brand, we are driven by our efforts to innovate and pursue the ultimate products and efficiency.Meeting the personalized, diverse and international product needs of global customers has achieved a continuous miracle of UA hardware.

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