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We Have 50 Years of Experience in Hardware Products.

UA hardware in the early days of the establishment of hardware accessories as the main products. After years of continuous development and efforts, the company has further strengthened production management and technical research and development, and has become a global well-known brand.

  • Structural precision

  • Aesthetic design

  • High quality material

  • Anti-corrosion

  • Durable and durable

  • Warranty for 10 years

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About UA
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Introduction of UA Hardware Company


Founded in 1973, UA Hardware is headquartered in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, on the east bank of the island of Silan. Its name in Danish means "commercial port", which is one of the most developec countries in Europe. Its design level is well-known around the world.

At the initial stage of the establishment of UA Hardware, its mainproducts were hardware accessories. After years of continuousdevelopment and efforts, the enterprise has invited Frederick Worth, afamous German product designer, as the chief designer of UA hardware.to be the first key for UA hardware to open the door of integration ofdesign and life. UA hardware has further strengthened productionmanagement and technology research and development. Now it hasbecome a world famous brand, with a new surface treatment processand powerful anti-theft and anti prying functions, meeting the user'smost basic requirements for door and window hardware. In 1985, theheadquarters set up a branch - UA Hardware Door and Window SystemCompany to expand its scale, specializing in high-end door and windowhardware products, door and window manufacturing, aluminumprofiles, etc; A comprehensive enterprise integrating scientific researchand development, production and manufacturing, and marketing.Inthe process of continuous development, we set up raw material supplycompanies, sales trading companies and building materials supermarketsgradually forming a strong advantage of integrated group operation.

Over the years, UA Hardware has always adhered to the developmentstrategy of "surpassing the same group and striving for an internationalfamous brand", with strong strength as the backing and excellenttalents as the leading force, committed to improving the design processand production level, and strives to create brilliance with high-qualityproducts, novel designs, reasonable prices and perfect services, basedon the market, and working hand in hand with new and old customersaround the world.

Chief Designer of UA Hardware

German famous product designer Frederick Worth as the chief designer of UA hardware is the first key for UA hardware to pry open the door of integration of design and life, and now it has become a world-famous brand, with brand-new surface treatment technology and powerful anti-theft and anti-pry function, to meet the most basic door and window hardware requirements of users.

Chief Designer of  UA Hardware

Frederick Worth

History of UA Hardware

  • 1973

    Founded in Denmark in 1973

  • 1985

    Founded in 1985 UA hardware Germany

  • 2011
  • 2017
  • 2019
  • 2023

    Integrated group operation